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School Uniform 2019-20
Uniform will remain as follows for next session:
White shirt and school tie 
(£7 from school office)
Plain black jumper or cardigan 
Black trousers/skirt/school shorts
Black shoes 
If you wish to purchase a jumper/cardigan with the school logo, you can do so from
Why is uniform important to a successful school? 

It is important as we try to:-
·  help improve Jedburgh Grammar School
·   foster a sense of belonging and pride in Jedburgh Grammar School
·   develop a purposeful and focused ethos in the school 
 ·   promote equality among students 
·   prevent bullying arising from students wearing certain styles of clothing 
·   prepare our students for the world of work
·  foster the positive image of our school and students in the community 
·   ensure easy identification, security and management of students on out of school excursions 
·   make it easy for parents, students and staff to know what we expect students to wear to school 
We very happy with the support our students and parents and carers give our uniform. I have always been impressed by the way the students look and I take every opportunity to tell them.
I am very encouraged by the amount of our students choosing to wear ties for example.                      
 The JGS Dress Code is as follows.
·     white shirt and school tie
·     plain black jumper or cardigan
·     black trousers / skirt
·     black shoes

Footwear and Protective Equipment for work in Practical Areas

To ensure the Health & Safety of our pupils it is necessary for all those working in practical areas within Technical and Home Economics to wear appropriate footwear.  
The minimum requirement for such footwear is that it must cover the upper part of the foot.  
Safety spectacles must always be worn as directed by the teacher.
Outdoor clothing, including scarves, gloves will be removed on entry to classes. 
This includes outdoor sports tops bearing a school logo. 
Headgear will be removed on entry to any building.
Make-up and jewellery will be discreet.  
The following dress is not acceptable: 
a)   denim
b)   tracksuits
c)    footwear which might damage flooring or is unsuitable on grounds of health and safety.
d)   clothing bearing slogans or images which might cause offence; representing sporting or
political factions; advertising alcohol or tobacco
e)   clothing which is too revealing, too tight or too short 
Any pupil wearing items in categories c, d or e will be referred to House Heads.  

If necessary, the pupil will be isolated from classes or sent home to change.

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