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Resilient Schools

The Answers You Need

If the school is closed to pupils, work can be found on GLOW.  
If the council Resilient School procedures are initiated ,a message will appear in the Latest News section and parents/carers will be informed through Groupcall. 

In many cases pupils can continue their routine school work. However, depending on the nature of individual subjects, it may be necessary to improvise and alternative work will be available.
For all subjects, there are links to revision websites.
Pupils (particularly in Senior School) are expected to take responsibility and show initiative for the work that is required in such circumstances.

In the event of the school being closed again due to the weather we have created a bank of useful websites that will allow learning to continue at home. Pupils should also refer to the relevant GLOW groups and pages on this website.
You may also wish to refer to this page from the SBC website that highlights useful sites to visit.
This part of our website provides information for parents/carers that will assist you in helping your youngsters with their studies. Subject specific help will be available via departmental pages, but this section will provide general help and tips for areas such as study skills, homework, organisation and preparation for exams. Bitesize - Standard Grade and Higher
Brainsmart - Make the most of your mind
Learning Zone Scotland - Clips edited from BBC programmes
1. Useful General websites - click on the links to access these sites                                                            
2. Study Skills - click on the links below to download MS Word files or view Websites: 
learning styles and how to use them
left and right brain
mnemonics 1
mnemonics 2
multiple intelligences
3. General Advice for parents/carers - click on the links:
School Information
Info for S1/2
Info for S3/4
Developing Good Habits.
4.  Study Support - click on the links:
Study Guide
Exam Preparation 
5. Helping with Subject Choices and Careers 
S2 into S3 choices
S4/5 into S5/6 choices
Parent information about SCHOLAR (note that these leaflets will be available at S5/6 Parents Evening on 14 November). 
If parents require a password to look at work completed via SCHOLAR this can be requested from this link or email:

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